Premium Granite Composite Sinks by Lavello

Thick & durable

Lavello's granite sinks are resistant to high temperatures, thermal shock, impacts & discoloration.

Holes made to order

Choose the number and distribution of drill holes and we will make them for you for FREE.

Faucets & accessories

Here you can buy a sink with a matching faucet, soap dispenser and such indespensible accessories as waste disposer and a drain kit.

Safe purchases

Lifetime warranty, FREE returns, 60-day money-back guarantee & 30 days to report damage during transportation.

$30 off when you buy a sink with a faucet
FREE Shipping on orders above $150
FREE Returns on products above $150

Our sinks

Lavello’s composite granite sinks are both beautiful and practical. They withstand temperatures of up to 536 °F, thermal shock, scratches & impacts. Our sinks are also very higienic due to smooth, non-porous surface which is easy to clean.

And you don’t have to worry about discoloration. Once a week wipe your sink with a sponge with cooking oil and your sink will look like new.

What you should know before buying a sink

When we choose a sink we rarely come to think whether additional accessories will make it impossible to fit into the cabinet. First questions and problems begin to appear only after buying the sink.

But it does not have to be that way!

We have prepared a guide for you in which we comprehensively discuss the topic of choosing a sink, its color, its assembly in the cabinet, selecting the top material, type of battery or accessories. In addition, we answer the most common questions our clients have.

From this guide you will learn:

  • where not to install a sink
  • what can a small bowl in double bowl sinks be for
  • why you should opt for a granite sink with ready-made holes for the installation of faucets and accessories
  • in what situations the sink will not fit into the cabinet (to which it was intended)
  • what table top material will be best for drop-in sinks and for undermount sinks
  • what the best way to choose the colour of a granite sink is
  • what to pay special attention to when choosing a kitchen faucet
  • how to clean a granite composite sink