About us

Lavello was created in 2006 by Krzysztof Adamski who gained his experience in the field of composites at the beginning of the previous decade.

As the company grew Kazimierz Fidzinski joined the team and soon became a co-owner of the company. His marketing efforts allowed the company to flourish and enter new markets.

Lavello sinks are sold in 7 countries

Our products have appeared in tens of thousands of kitchens. At the moment our company has 8 stores in 7 markets including:

  1. spuelenlavello.de in Germany
  2. lavello-sinks.co.uk in the United Kingdom
  3. lavellosinks.us in the USA
  4. alezlewy.pl in Poland
  5. chiuvete-lavello.ro in Romania
  6. drezy-lavello.cz in the Czech Republic
  7. drezy-lavello.sk in Slovakia

Renowned manufacturer

Warehouse with products ready to be shipped

Presently Lavello is one of the most well known manufacturers and sellers of granite composite sinks in Europe. Our sinks are repeatledy prized for their quality and design. This results in very high opinions and reviews that we get from our client – on average 4.9/5.

Our goals

Since the very beginning, we have been trying to meet the needs of our customers and provide a pre- and post-sales service that distinguishes us in the market.

We have a friendly and competent hotline at our customers’ disposal (in some countries available until midnight!) and we are actively updating our profiles on social networks. There we respond to customers’ inquiries, publish tips, interesting facts and competitions.

At the end of 2018 our brand was followed by over 50 thousand fans.