How Not to Go Crazy in a Home That’s Being Renovated

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Living in a place that is being renovated can be challenging. Never experienced that before? Read on. We will prepare you for the unexpected, save you a lot of trouble, mess, stress and money.

Think of how many rooms you can live without

Every room has its purpose. When you renovate one, you are automatically unable to make use of it and need to find its replacement. The more rooms you renovate at a time, the more trouble you will have with it.

Plan for the project to take longer and cost more

Plan for your renovation to last at least 20% longer and reschedule your calendar. Also, include in your budget at least 20% more for unplanned expenses, problems and hidden costs.

Embrace minimalism

Remember – less is more. And during renovation, the less stuff you need to take care of the easier it will be for you.

When you try moving stuff from renovated rooms to other ones, you will quickly realize you are on the verge of drowning in stuff. Plan for it in advance.

Pack yourself as if you were moving. Remember – you will have to squeeze everything from two rooms into one.

Create a remodel zone

During rebuilding, home owners, children and pets must stay away from the construction area. For the safety of the home owner, the workplace must be blocked. You can create a zone by building temporary plywood walls with doors on them or simply by extending a sheet of plastic over entrances.

Prepare for the dust

Fighting with building dust is a cleaning nightmare. Plastic sheets mentioned in the previous paragraph will prevent some of it from entering living areas in your home, however that is not enough.

Every time contractors enter and leave the rooms being reconstructed the dust will follow them. So remember to:

  • tape plastic sheets to the floor of entryways
  • tape plastic sheets over the doors to the living areas
  • cover or, better still, remove any furniture and objects from pathways leading to contruction areas

Oh. And don’t forget to use different shoes while walking on those pathways yourself.

Clean up each day after the job is done

Every day, when the work is done, clean the pathways to construction areas. It may take some time but it will be worth it – you will reclaim some parts of your home from dust and it will drastically improve how you feel inside.

Advice: spray down the dust with water

Dust can get anywhere in the house, it can blow outside and enter everything, including the neighbors’ car. Unless – of course- it can no longer get into the air. Spray water mist over it with a small spray pump.

Take a mini vacation

Sometime you just need a break. Rent a room in hotel, go to the restaurant and get your energy back.