30″ Granite composite drop in double bowl kitchen sink Lavello Designo 200T



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Don’t sacrifice practicality for the looks. Make your kitchen the jewel of your house with a super-durable and practical Lavello granite composite sink. Your friends will compliment your choice.

Main features

  • High resistance to thermal shock, scratches, impacts & discoloration
  • Can withstand heat up to 536 °F
  • Our sinks do not fade with time
  • Our sinks are very higienic thanks to smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean
  • Holes drilled to order (for FREE)
  • FREE shipping, FREE returns & Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 30 5/16
Width: 19 5/16
Bowl: 12 13/16 (length) x 15 15/16" (width) x 6 5/16" (depth)
Second bowl: 12 13/16" (length) x 15 15/16 (width) x 6 5/16" (depth)
Weight: 33 lbs
Min. cabinet width: 29"

Dimensions may vary by .25".

The length and width of the hole for sink mounted into the countertop (an inset sink) should be smaller by 1" than sink dimensions. A cutout template is included in the box.


  • Limited lifetime warranty

    Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Free delivery

    Free Delivery & Returns

  • 60 day moneyback

    60 days moneyback guarantee


Compare sizes

Compare with another sink

Images are kept in the same scale to allow for easy comparison. Dotted line shows how much space is required to fit the sink inside the cabinet.

What is it?

You can change dimensions and drag and drop the overlay. Do this to simulate your cabinet dimensions or current sink.

Shipping & Returns

How long does shipping take?

On average our products are shipped in 3-5 business days.

What should I do after I receive the parcel

After you receive the parcel check the state of its contents in the presence of the courier. In case of damage, write down a damage report. This will greatly speed up the complaint procedure.

FREE Shipping

Shipping of all orders above $150 is FREE of charge.

If your order doesn’t reach this amount we will charge you $10 for shipping.

FREE Returns

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can the sink be used outdoors, UV resistant?

Hello, Yes, it can be used outdoors and is UV resistant. If you need more information we are at your disposal! Regards, Lavello

Hello, is the arrangement of holes in the sink predetermined or individually tailored to the customer’s requirements?

You can individually specify in which places the holes are to be located. Please add relevant information to the order note. If you do not specify your requirements we will make the number of holes appropriate to the number of accessories ordered, ie. when ordering a sink with only a faucet we make 1 hole, we make 2 hole for sink with faucet and 1 accessory, etc. Attention! If the sink has a narrow frame (eg Performa models), we do not make holes, because they need to be made directly in the countertop.

Good morning. I can’t see an option to to order a faucet for the sink. Is it included or should be ordered separately?

Faucets are not included with sinks. You can find them in the category “Faucets” We have a wide range of models with different shapes, functions and finishing materials.

Will the drains (siphons) from IKEA fit this sink? Connecting a sink and a dishwasher to one outflow is very convenient.

Our sinks have a standard size drainage holes to install any drains (siphons) intended for our market. But before you go and look for them in other stores why don’t you see what siphons we have got in our offer. Our siphons also have the possibility of installing a dishwasher. These are wall siphons that do not take as much space in the cabinet as the classic ones.

What size should the hole in the coutnertop be for a sink with a drainboard

The length and width of the hole for sink mounted into the countertop (an inset sink) should be smaller by 3/4″ than sink dimensions. We include a template of correct size in every parcel.

How wide should the cabinet be to fit a sinks with a drainboard

The only part of the sink that goes directly into the cabinet is its bowl. The drainboard needs to fit only your countertop.

In other words, if you have 2 x 20″ cabinets one next to another a 30 1/2″ Diamond 100LT sink will finto them nicely since the bowl will be inside the first cabinet and the drainboard will cover the countertop of the other one.

Please refer to our free Sink Size Comparison Tool to see how much space inside the cabinet our sinks require. This area is marked with dashed lines.

If you have a question that you have not found on the list type it below and send it to us.

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