Search Sinks by the Countertop Hole Size

Do you want to change your old sink for a new one? Use the form below to find sinks that will fit the existing hole in your kitchen countertop.


Do you hate your old sink, and you already have a hole in the countertop?

There can be many reasons for replacing the sink with a new one. From the wrong choice, through the undesirable visual effect, to total wear and tear. Poor-quality sinks are often a factor that can spoil your enjoyment of a newly renovated kitchen just a few months after the renovation.

Your kitchen is probably charming, and you enjoy working in it, but as soon as you look at your sink... all the magic is gone.

When you decide to replace it, you may have many doubts about buying a new one.

Which for the following reasons might make you want to replace your sink?

  • Your old sink is spoiling the beautiful look of your whole kitchen.
  • Your worktop still looks great, but you can't say the same about your sink.
  • You would like to make one change to your kitchen that will bring back its former glory and bring some freshness.
  • You are tired of your old, worn-out sink, which gets dirty right after it's washed.
  • The noise of crackling plates and cutlery against the metal sink during washing drives you crazy.
  • And you don't know how to get rid of the nightmare of an old sink because your worktop was cut SPECIALLY to fit it!

If you know these feelings then READ ON!

As manufacturers of granite sinks, we very often receive questions asking for help in replacing a sink with a new one.

This process is problematic because almost every time there is fear that the new sink will not fit into the previously cut hole.

The truth is that in 10 out of 10 cases, the solution is always within reach!

What's more, we are surprised how many people are shocked by how simple it is!

What some people fear is that the new model will not fit in the hole after your old sink. And unfortunately, we're not surprised at all.

Because a bad choice can cost you a lot.

What are the consequences of a bad choice?

If the hole in your countertop was cut perfectly to the size of the previous sink, finding a new model can be quite a challenge.

Imagine a situation in which you buy your new sink.

Just after removing the old model, it turns out that the new one completely does not fit in the hole you cut out earlier and you must replace it with another one.

As if that wasn't enough, your old sink was damaged during dismantling and is only suitable for scrap. Not only do you have to resume your search for a new sink, but you also have to wash your dishes in the bowl for a week.

Given the fact that many manufacturers do not have the right range of sizes, hitting the perfect spot under the pre-cut hole is close to a miracle.

In addition, not all manufacturers will accept the return of the product if you buy the wrong sink size, which may herald further problems.

This is obviously an extreme scenario, but such a situation happens.

As a result, a small change can turn upside down your entire home order.

That is why we are so often the LAST RESORT in such situations.

During the 11 years of our activity, we have already encountered all the problems concerning sink installation. After receiving over 10,000 questions, we know the solution to every possible one.

Based on our KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE, we continue to create innovative tools that greatly simplify the process of choosing and installing sinks according to our customers' requirements.

In our search for the best way to help our customers replace the sink, we have created our latest tool - a sink finder!

What is it?

The sink finder is an ONLINE tool that will allow you to find in less than 5 minutes a sink that fits perfectly into a pre-cut hole in your worktop!

Sounds interesting? Let me tell you more. To use it, you don't even need to know your old sink's model!

How does it work?

Based on the size of the hole, you have in your countertop the sink finder will provide you with matching sinks from our offer!

Whether you are looking for an inset or an undermount sink, our search engine will search our entire range FOR YOU and show you the ones that will fit your hole!

See how, in a few steps, you can find a sink that fits perfectly into the hole that was cut out for your old sink.

Step 1. Measure the hole in your countertop.

Step 2. Enter the dimensions into our tool.

Step 3. See what matching sinks the tool found.

If you care about a sink that will keep its charm for long years, choose granite composite that our sinks are made of.

Why are granite sinks most often chosen as a replacement?

A combination of 80% granite and 20% resin is resistant to breakage, scratches and high temperatures.

Not without reason, from the very beginning, we give a limited lifetime guarantee on our sinks.

Tens of thousands of customers throughout Europe, where we produce our sinks and the United States also are convinced of our quality!

Click HERE and read our article: "Granite Composite vs Stainless Steel"

But this is not the end of the solutions we have for you!

Let's go one step further.

Have you already chosen the right sink for your worktop? Great!

Now, at your request, we will DRILL HOLES for the faucet and accessories for your sink, exactly where you want it - for FREE.

All you have to do is write in your order note where you want your holes to be, and we will drill them in the indicated places.

Let us help you set up the sink perfectly to your requirements.

What about other accessories?

We've got everything you need.

After you add a sink to your cart, you will be presented with a list of MATCHING accessories such as faucets, drains and liquid dispensers.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have put all the solutions within your reach!

Save yourself time wandering around the shops and finding a sink to replace your old one. You can do it online - FASTER and EASIER.

All you have to do is measure the hole after your old sink and insert the dimensions into our search tool.

Let us help you. Join thousands of people who have taken our advice!

And if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer all of them!