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Terms of purchase for lavellosinks.us online shop

Please read the terms and conditions below. Entering into transaction constitutes the acceptance of these terms.

§1 Parties to the transaction

1.1. The party that executes the purchase in the online shop must be a natural person aged 18 and above or a company.

1.2. The party that executes the sale shall be Lavello ltd

§2 Subject of transaction

2.1. The subject of transaction shall be products listed in the offer of lavellosinks.us online shop at the time of placing an order.

2.2. Photographs of the products and particularly their colors may be distorted on account of the differences in displaying capacities of individual screens.

2.3. Some of the offered products may be temporarily unavailable, in which case you shall be informed about the date of the product’s availability.

2.4. All prices are given in USD and exclude tax.

§3 Order placement

3.1. Orders may be placed through the lavellosinks.us website, phone or e-mail (to sales@lavellosinks.us)

§4 Execution of purchase order

4.1. The purchase shall be confirmed via e-mail from the Seller within one hour in order to make arrangements for the execution of the transaction.

4.2. The sale/purchase agreement is concluded at the moment of purchase confirmation.

4.4. The ordered goods shall be sent within 2-3 working days of the date of purchase confirmation.

4.5. In the event when the Seller is unable to execute the order, the Purchaser shall be offered the choice of changing the delivery date or a product. In such an event the Purchaser may withdraw from the agreement.

4.6. The shop reserves the right to refuse the execution of the purchase order on account of product unavailability and the failure to make a payment in due time on the part of the Purchaser.

4.7. In the case of withdrawal from a distance agreement, the agreement shall be deemed not concluded. The parties shall reimburse for the mutual services at the date and in a manner described hereinbelow. If the consumer submitted a statement of withdrawal before the Seller accepted his offer, the offer shall cease to be binding.

§5 Courier delivery and personal receipt

5.1. Our packages are sent via FedEx. The shipment is executed on average within 2-5 workdays hours although the time may vary and is independent of us.

5.2. On receipt the client is obliged to verify if the product is not damaged or non-compliant with the order. The procedure of shipment companies requires that the consignment note is signed first and then, in the presence of the courier, the shipped product is checked. In the event any damage is ascertained, a damage protocol on the shipping company form should be drawn up. It is required to report the condition of the packaging and how the package was secured.

5.3. At the moment of goods hand-over the rights and risks involved are transferred to the Purchaser.

5.4. Personal receipt of the goods is available at


Industrial Blvd unit C 2230
FL 34234 Sarasota, USA

upon prior arrangement.

§6 Manner of payment

6.1. E-payment – PayPal.

6.2 E-payment – Stripe.

§7 Warranty – Servicing

7.1. Each product sold by the shop is new and covered by a guarantee. The guarantee period for granite sinks is lifetime limited. A proof of purchase is a document that facilitates the complaints proceedings, but it is not required.

7.2. If the product purchased in our shop is not working properly or displays observable technical faults, please contact our service directly at the e-mail address: sales@lavellosinks.us, via phone or email.

7.3. The seller is not responsible for the assembly and disassembly of products purchased from them

§8 Transportation complaints

8.1. The client is obliged to verify the package delivered by the courier in the presence of the courier upon acceptance, i.e. after signing the consignment note and making a payment in the case of a cash-on-delivery package. These issues are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code:

“… the purchaser is obliged to verify the package at the time and in the manner adopted in the case of such packages: if he observes that any damage or defect occurred during the transportation, he shall undertake to establish the guilt of the shipping company.”

In the event any damage is ascertained, a damage protocol on the shipping company form should be drawn up. It is required to report the condition of the packaging and how the package was secured. The protocol must be drawn up at the moment of delivery. If the damage is observed at a later time, the courier must be called promptly and the damage protocol drawn up.

8.2. All packages sent by Lavello USA LLC are insured. In the case of drawing up a damage protocol we undertake to handle all complaint procedures, and return a fully functional product to the client as soon as possible.

8.3. If the damage protocol is not drawn up or drawn up at a later time, the client still has an opportunity to make a complaint for the shipping service directly at the shipping company. In such an event Lavello USA LLC shall not undertake to handle the complaint proceedings with the courier company.

§9 Return of the goods

9.1. The Consumer who concluded a distance agreement may withdraw therefrom within 60 calendar days without stating the reasons or incurring costs, with the exception of the costs indicated below.

In order for the period to have been observed it is sufficient to send a statement before its expiry. The period starts running, in case of an agreement, for the execution of which the Seller gives out the Product having an obligation to transfer its ownership (e.g. sale agreement) – from the time of taking possession of the Product by the consumer or a third party, other than the shipping company, appointed by him.

The Consumer has the right to return the product without stating the reason. The returned goods shall be sent back in original packaging, with complete contents, and the product itself or the accessories shall not bear any traces of use.

9.2. The intention to return the product must be submitted via e-mail or by telephone. Contact details can be found at “contact us” page at lavellosinks.us

The client must cover the costs of shipment. We guarantee that the refund shall be made within 14 days of the receipt of the returned product. We do not accept packages paid by the recipient.

A refund may not be paid in full if after refund the total value of purchased products is reduced below $150 (the minimum amount for free shipping). In such case, the costs of original shipment will be subtracted from the refunded amount.

The consumer is obliged to return the Product to the Seller, or transfer it to a person authorised for receipt by the Seller, no later than within 14 calendar days of the day on which he withdrew from the agreement. The return of the goods must be made to the address of the forwarding warehouse, LAVELLO USA LLC

Industrial Blvd unit C 2230
FL 34234 Sarasota, USA.

9.3. The consumer may submit a statement concerning the withdrawal from the agreement in a manner that is convenient to him.

9.4. The client has the right to settle the complaints and claim damages outside the court on http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

§10 Final provisions

10.1. Placing an order implies the giving consent for the storage and processing of personal data contained in the order by Lavello USA LLC company in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Data Protection Act

10.2. All the products listed in the offer of lavellosinks.us may be registered trademarks of their manufacturers. On account of large amount of information, the shop reserves the right to make mistakes.

10.3. The contents of lavellosinks.us online shop shall not constitute a commercial offer.

10.4. The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply to all matters that are not governed by these terms and conditions.

10.5. All disputes shall be settled by an appropriate court.

10.6. All users are obliged to read the Terms and Conditions.

10.7. Placing an order implies the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

10.8. One of the common internet browsers available online is sufficient to view the contents of lavellosinks.us online shop (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)