Industrial Blvd unit C 2230
FL 34234 Sarasota, USA
provides warranty to this product.

Lavello will repair, or at our option, exchange the product for a similar model if a sink covered by this warranty is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, after inspection by an authorized Lavello representative.

This warranty extends for an unlimited period of time, so long as the sink remains in use in its original place of installation and remains in possession of the original purchaser.

This warranty ceases to apply when a product is:

– resold, given to or inherited by a different party,
– moved from its original installation place,
– damaged due to improper shipment or storage,
– damaged due to misuse, abuse or improper installation,
– modified, self adjusted or repaired by unauthorized part.

Lavello’s option to repair or exchange the product under this warranty does not cover any labor or other costs of removal or installation, nor Lavello will be responsible for any other incidental or consequential damages attributable to a product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective product.

The customer is obliged to cover all costs of unreasonable service request. Lavello reserves the right to demand those costs.

When there is a need to import an item from abroad, service-repair time may take up to 45 days (counting from the date of the decision).

Due to the manufacturing process of granite composite sinks (firing in high temperature), the dimensions listed on the offer pages are approximations and may vary up to 1/4″. We do not accept complaints on smaller differences.

Complaints due to melting caused by the temperatures higher than 536 degrees F will not be accepted.